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Acuvue's premium daily lens. HydraLuxe technology provides a highly breathable lens material with no compromise on comfort. It also has the highest level of UV protection in a contact lens (class 1 blocks 99% UVB and 90% UVA).

Best price: £45.00 for 30 pairs

Acuvue Oasys 1-Day


Same lens properties as the ACUVUE® OASYS 1-DAYSuitable for wearers with astigmatism. It has an eyelid stabalised design giving stable, clear vision.

Best price: £65.40 for 30 pairs



A very comfortable lens due to its embedded wetting agent and high water content (58%) giving wearers all day comfort. It also has a class 2 UV block which blocks 97% of UVB and 81% of UVA rays. 

Best price: £31.98 for 30 pairs

ACU 1-DAY Moist 30pk.png


Same lens properties as the 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST. Suitable for wearers with astigmatism. It has an eyelid stabalised design giving stable, clear vision.

Best price: £40.98 for 30 pairs

Acuvue 1-DAY Moist Astigmatism 30pk.png


Alcon's premium daily contact lens. It has a silicone hyrdogel core which provides outstanding breath-ability. The surface has a water gradient which gives amazing comfort all day. It is currently not available in toric form.

Best price: £47.98 for 30 pairs

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DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus 

This lens contains 3 moisturising agents that release moisture upon inserting the lens and when the wearer blinks providing comfort for most of the day. It's a good lens for new wearers as it seems to be easier to handle compared to other lenses.

Best price: £28.00 for 30 pairs


DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus Toric

Has the same properties as the DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus lens. It's suitable for wearers with astigmatism. The lens has a precision lens design which combines dual thin zones and a toric back surface to give wearers stable and clear vision.

Best price: £50.70 for 30 pairs


Biotrue ONEday

A very comfortable contact lens due to its high water content (78%) which matched that of the cornea. It also has a dehydration barrier which helps the lens surface to lock in moisture throughout the day. Class 2 UV block is also included which blocks 97% of UVB and 81% of UVA rays. It also lets through more oxygen to the eye than its competitors (Acuvue Moist + Daily Aquacomfort Plus). A very good all round lens.

Best price: £31.80 for 30 pairs


Biotrue ONEday for ASTIGMATISM

Has the same lens properties as the Biotrue ONEday. Suitable for wearers with astigmatism.  The lens gives high definition optics which reduced halos and glare. It has been made with blink patterns in minds thus giving clear and stable vision even straight after blinking.

Best price: £42.00 for 30 pairs

biotrue 1 day for astig.jpg

SofLens Daily Disposable

Its thin design and high water content (59%) ensure the lens stays comfortable for most of the day. It also has High Definition Optics which helps reduce the appearance of blurriness, halos and glare. An ideal lens to wear for sport or social wear.

Best price: £21.96 for 30 pairs


Soflens Daily Disposable for Astigmatism

Has the same lens properties as the Soflens Daily Disposable. The lens has a unique Lo-Torque design that optimises the lens thickness from apex to base of lens  resulting in excellent stability, visual acuity and comfort for astigmatic patients. 

Best price: £45.36 for 30 pairs


MyDay®  daily disposable

Smart Silicone™ chemistry  helps to allow oxygen to the eye using less silicone thus making the lens more comfortable due to its 54% water content. This given wearers whiter, more comfortable eyes throughout the day. The lens also has a class 2 UV block which filters 85% of UVA and 96% of UVB rays.

Best price: £45.80 for 30 pairs


MyDay® toric daily disposable

Has the same lens properties as the MyDay® daily disposable. Optimised Toric Lens Geometry provides stable and clear astigmatic correction by reducing the in eye rotation of the lens.

Best price: £39.98 for 30 pairs


clariti® 1 day 

Is made from a silicone hydrogel material which allows more oxygen to pass through to the cornea compared to other hydrogels. To help aid wearer comfort the lens has a hydrophillic (attracts water) surface. The lens also has class 2 UV block  which filters 98% of UVA and 78% of UVB rays.

Best price: £35.80 for 30 pairs


clariti® 1 day toric

Has the same lens properties as the clariti® 1 day.  It was the winner of the Contact Lens Product of the Year at the 2012 Optician Awards due to it being the first daily silicone hydrogel lens for astigmatism.

Best price: £48.80 for 30 pairs


Waldo contact lenses are made from Etafilcon A hydrogel material and have a 58% water content helping them to maintain moisture throughout the day. The lenses also have a class 2 UV block (blocks at least 70% UVA and 95% UVB radiation). The material's properties are quite outdated compared to other lenses such as Biotrue Oneday which allows twice as much oxygen to the cornea compared to Waldo lenses.

On the plus side, Waldo lenses are very cheap. To try them you can order  an initial 10 pairs of free trialsTheir subscription service costs £24 per month with free delivery for 60 lenses. Lenses will arrive every month until you have cancelled your subscription. Another interesting option available is the Waldo Vitamin lens. These lenses are soaked in a saline solution that contains Vitamins B6, B12 and E which helps to keep the eyes feeling refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day.

To find out more about Waldo lenses click here.